Company Overview

Management Team

Matthew Prince is the Chairman of Unspam. Mr. Prince pioneered Unspam's patented technology that allows the establishment of no-contact registries that maintain the security and secrecy of the registrants' e-mail addresses, allow marketers to protect their proprietary lists, and provide an effective legal tool for parents to protect their children from unwanted messages. Beyond developing the technology underlying secure no-contact registries, Mr. Prince has researched and taught the law that is critical to their implementation as an Adjunct Professor of the John Marshall Law School. He co-authored the authoritative article on the subject of Child Protection Registry laws, "After CAN-SPAM, How States Can Stay Relevant in the Fight Against Unwanted Messages: How a Children's Protection Registry Can be Effective, and is Not Preempted, Under the New Federal Anti-Spam Law," published in the Fall 2003 issue of the John Marshall Journal of Computer and Information Law.

In addition to his work on secure registries, Mr. Prince has also focused effort on providing enforcement officials with the necessary information and tools to prosecute violators of the federal CAN-SPAM Act and other anti-spam laws. To that end, Mr. Prince managed the development of Project Honey Pot, an Unspam community-service project that consists of a distributed system of decoy e-mail addresses that website administrators can include on their sites in order to gather information about the robots and spiders that spammers use. Since launching, Project Honey Pot has issued more than 1,000,000 decoy e-mail addresses, with users in more than 80 countries, and honey pots installed on every inhabited continent. Project Honey Pot has matured into one of the largest and most extensive anti-spam early warning networks.

Mr. Prince has consulted with governments nationally and internationally, including delivering a presentation to the United Nation's International Telecommunications Union regarding the construction of effective anti-spam laws and their enforcement in a cross-border environment. He has also been asked to provide testimony on spam laws before state legislatures and the Federal Trade Commission. Mr. Prince has presented at numerous anti-spam conferences, including the 2004 and 2005 MIT Anti-Spam Conferences, the 2004 Microsoft Conference on Email and Anti-Spam, the 2004 and 2005 ISIPP Conferences, and the 2004 Illinois Public Policy Summit on Spam. Mr. Prince has been quoted in more than 100 news publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to the Washington Post as an expert in the subjects of spam and anti-spam legislation.

Prior to Unspam, Matthew worked as Director of Strategic Communications for GroupWorks, an online provider of insurance services to corporations. There he focused on ensuring compliance with state and federal insurance regulations. Mr. Prince earned a J.D. from the University of Chicago and is a member of the Illinois Bar. He studied English and Computer Science at Trinity College.

Eric Langheinrich is the CEO of Unspam. Mr. Langheinrich brings his technical expertise in electronic marketing and providing cost-effective system design, regulatory compliant solutions, systems integration and administration to our team. Mr. Langheinrich is an expert in managing both state and Federal do-not-call lists and brings that experience to his role in creating do-not-email systems.

In addition, he has extensive experience managing high-traffic call center systems. He adds over ten years of experience with extensive knowledge of enterprise class computer systems.

In addition to formal classroom training, he designed, built, and maintained enterprise class database-driven outbound dialing systems, supporting over five thousand agents in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

For seven years, he worked for Discover Financial Services, Inc. architecting solutions to complex compliance guidelines for the Marketing, New Accounts and Collections business groups. In this experience he helped manage one of the busiest call centers in North America, developing the compliance engine to meet state-mandated Do Not Call lists as well as internal Do Not Call requests, which served as the foundation to comply with the federal Do Not Call list regulations.

Mr. Langheinrich developed an intra-day compliance engine, helping ensure that Discover Financial Services' Collections Department met national and state compliance regulations. While with Discover, he also coordinated technical and business initiatives including full system rollouts of more than 2000 workstations, desktop conversions from OS2 to Windows NT, and numerous outbound dialing system upgrades and rollouts. He has managed, implemented and supported large-scale NT and UNIX network environments.

Mr. Langheinrich serves on the Concerto Users Group enhancement committee, is a Concerto Software super user, and is MCSE certified. He was the recipient of three President's Plate awards while working with Discover. Mr. Langheinrich has also been accredited as a privacy professional by the IAPP.

Michelle Scharf is the Vice President of Government Affairs for Unspam, Technologies, Inc. She is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with legislators, community organizations, business leaders and key decision makers across the country. She also serves as the spokesperson for the Utah Child Protection Registry. Her role includes educating and building awareness about the registry through working with the local press, non-profit organizations, schools and community partnerships.

Mrs. Scharf began her early career in childhood development, childbirth education and as a doula. In 2008, she forged a new career, holding top-level management roles on several successful statewide federal campaigns. She consults for state legislative and countywide political races and has professional experience in public relations, community outreach, organizing grassroots support, fundraising, campaign management, and government affairs.

Mrs. Scharf, she serves on the board for Utah Council for Crime Prevention and Internet Crimes Against Children Community Advisory Board.

Alisha Meneely is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Michigan Child Protection Registry. Alisha’s priority is to advocate for the Registry across the state of Michigan and help families stay safe while online.

Mrs. Meneely joined Unspam in 2012, having spent most of her past career working for a variety of Michigan legislators and lobbying for education reform in Michigan. A graduate of Michigan State University with a bachelor's degree in Political Science Pre-law, she has always been interested in social public policy issues such as domestic violence, school choice and many other issues concerning women and children. Presently, her passion is dedicated to making sure Michigan families can use the internet and cell phones without the worrying about dangerous predators and adult oriented marketing . Alisha currently resides in Byron Center, Michigan with her husband Seth and their two children.