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Unspam is a software and services company helping governments implement and enforce effective laws to control unwanted messages. We also provide basic as well as expert compliance consulting services to businesses wishing to ensure efficient adherence to the law.

Unspam's patented RedListing™ technology allows the creation of secure no-spam registries. Our list implementation system helps a government clearly define the messaging preference of its citizens without compromising their privacy or violating the rights of marketers. Our technology allows do-not-contact compliance without the transmission or disclosure of personally identifiable information.

Unspam is also committed to stopping unwanted messaging at the source through the monitoring of e-mail harvesting. Our pioneering Project Honey Pot was the first distributed e-mail harvesting research effort linking those that gather e-mail addresses by scraping websites with those that send unsolicited and frequently fraudulent messages. As of May 2006, we are monitoring over 1,000,000 honey pot addresses for annoying spam and dangerous phishing messages.

Unspam is a member of the Direct Marketing Association and the Utah Technology Council.