Services Overview

Government Services

Unspam provides secure no-contact e-mail registry services to governments, allowing the creation of no-contact or selective-contact registries. Unspam's patented Redlisting™ technology allows governments to deploy such no-contact registries without the incumbent concern that the e-mail addresses on such registries will be readily available for misuse by senders. In addition, we are mindful of our clients' needs to stay within the constitutional boundaries that tradition and precedent demand.

In addition, Unspam's Project Honey Pot network serves as a resource for government law enforcement officials to monitor e-mail address harvesting and subsequent sending. Uniquely, our system allows those prosecuting cases to link the senders of e-mail and the harvesters of e-mail addresses. Our product is the first and only one that allows enforcement officials to start their investigation earlier in the spam cycle.