Clients Overview


Unspam takes pride in its forte of seamlessly integrating the requirements of governments with those of its technology partners.

Unspam's clients include governments that use our services to implement their laws. These governments rely on Unspam's expertise in the establishment of secure no-contact registries and associated services. These states have chosen Unspam because of our patented secure registry systems solutions as well as our sensitivity to many of the legal dilemnas that law enforcement agencies have faced and will face in enforcing the law.

Our clients also include those companies that seek to comply with the law. As legitimate marketers have been the most impacted by e-mail profiteers, many have approached Unspam regarding compliance, seeing the benefit of punishing those that refuse to play by the rules. These customers understandably want to draw a firm and bright line distinction between those that use best practices, respect their customers and obey the law, compared with those that do not.

Our clients also include those that wish to build our general compliance tools into their current list management processes. Service providers that desire to provide their clients with numerous list management and bulk sending services have contacted us to build a set of tools into their current systems. These add-ons can be beneficial for service providers that desire to make sending and compliance as simple and as easy as possible.

We also provide resources to some of the leading anti-spam attorneys around the country, including those that act as private plaintiffs or assist the government in building its case. These attorneys have been attracted by the unique ability of our research system to both determine the presence of nefarious activities, and to provide them a starting point for investigation.