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At Unspam, we are the leaders in providing governments with do-not-contact registry deployments. In addition to providing the infrastructure for e-mail, fax, mobile phone and instant messenger do-not-contact registries, Unspam assists companies in complying with child protection registry laws. Founded by attorneys and computer scientists, Unspam's approach takes into account both the legal and technological aspects of electronic messaging. Beyond our work with governments, Unspam has the longest-running, most robust e-mail address harvester monitoring network, named Project Honey Pot. Large ISPs currently use Project Honey Pot data to track down the bad guys and keep spam from subscribers' inboxes.


Michigan's free digital protection tool expands reach for Internet Safety Month
(Jun 14, 2023 ; Summary by ; Article by Michigan Attorney General's Office)

This month, the registry has expanded to include YouTube, TikTok, Discord, and Twitch accounts. In 2021, Benson partnered with Attorney General Dana Nessel to include Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter to the services covered under registry, which was created by the Michigan Legislature in 2005.

ProtectMiChild Registry expands to keep children safe from adult ads on social media
(Nov 19, 2021 ; Summary by Eric L; Article by Fox 17, Scripps Media)